Three Foods for Glowing Skin

Along with providing you with great quality food, we also want to educate you on eating healthy.  Eating healthy can sometimes be a hassle. Especially when you live a busy lifestyle that’s always on the go. Luckily, these three foods can be portable and brought along to wherever you’re going. Best of all, there’s virtually no mess involved in the preparation of these snacks. And even if there was, Danby has the best countertop dishwasher, which is perfect for busy bees like you.

darkDark chocolate

Yes, you read right: dark chocolate. I bet you never thought chocolate would ever come close to this list. It’s there because researchers often link dark chocolate to skin benefits. It’ll not only help you prevent wrinkles, retain your skin’s moisture and reduce inflammation, but it’s also good for your insides.

If you eat a piece of dark chocolate that’s at least 35 per cent cocoa, you can expect to feel the benefits. It can help keep your blood pressure healthy and curb your appetite. So say goodbye to mid-afternoon junk food cravings. Eat a slice (or three) of dark chocolate and feel the antioxidants melt your problems away.


When we say get nuts about nuts, we’re serious. Walnuts, almonds and peanuts are filled with vitamins that help keep the skin looking plump and glowing by neutralizing the molecules that make your skin appear dull. The Omega-3 fatty acids also help to keep your skin moisturized, regulate your blood sugar levels and increase your energy.


Many people start their day with lemon water, and for good reason. It helps to boost your immune system, reduce bloating and can help keep your skin blemish-free. What’s not to love? Simply, slice a lemon each morning and add it to the water bottle you take everywhere. If you dirty a plate, don’t fret: for cleanest dishes, check out this portable dishwasher.

If you’re not into the taste of lemons, then opt for snacks like orange slices and green grapes. They’re packed with Vitamin C and amino acids that improve your circulation and boost collagen, both of which will keep your skin hydrated.


We Care About Quality And Ingredients

Here at Serendipity Bistro, we put extra thought and care into preparing your food.  Our focus is on the quality of the ingredients we use, ensuring that everything is coming from local farms and are organic and pesticide free.  We want our food to taste fresh, and we want our customers to be able to taste the ingredients in their natural form which is why we don’t overload on heavy sauces and unhealthy preservatives.  We want you to taste the purist form of the ingredients, centering our dishes around the ingredients themselves.

farmWe really believe in buying from small local farms because we trust that they put just as much care into growing the food as we do about cooking it.  We’re not just a bistro.  We like to think of ourselves as stepping into equal parts of quality ingredients and delicious food.  We have garnered quite a lot of attention to our small bistro and are hoping to continue this lifestyle of quality eating.  We hope you enjoy!